Fly Fishing in Big Sky

Fly Fishing in Big Sky

A treasured + enjoyable experience for the whole family.

With the rivers’ water levels and rapids finally slowing down, the trout of Montana are beginning to rise and get hungry! Fly fishing in Big Sky is one of the most treasured and enjoyable activities and the Gallatin River, which runs through our home, is ranked among the best trout fishing in the country.

The Many Ways to Enjoy Fly Fishing

There are many ways to enjoy fishing in the area, some of them include dry wading the Gallatin, wet wading the alpine tributaries, or doing a float trip down the neighboring rivers are some of my favorite ways to get out on the river. In case you’re not sure where to begin, continue reading to learn more about your options.

Dry Wading

Step into your waders, strap on the overalls and lace up your boots to enjoy the most typical way of fishing in the area. The Gallatin Gateway drive, between Big Sky and Bozeman, offers some of the most scenic and easily accessible fishing you can find. There are plenty of pullouts to park your car and simply walk down the river; each one offering extraordinary stretches of pools and pockets to fish in. These runs of the river contain massive numbers of Rainbow and Brown Trout that are waiting to snatch up your fly and move your fishing tranquility into a thrill.

Wet Wading

Fly-fishing can be a very frustrating sport, the best way to get your confidence back up and fish with the whole family is by visiting the tributaries of the Gallatin River that run through Big Sky. Although the difficulty is lower on the alpine streams, the beauty and fun is evenly matched. Simply grab your rod and put on some hiking or waterproof shoes and hit the trails. Ousel Falls trail offers fantastic fly fishing for small Rainbow and native Westslope Cutthroat trout, the fight will not be as big as on the Gallatin but the colors and attributes of the fish are still remarkable. One can essentially enjoy the pleasure of a hike while fishing beautiful streams, for even more beautiful fish.

Float Trips

If you are looking for an epic day of fishing, book a fishing guide for a float trip. Don’t worry about where you should cast or what fly you should be using the guide tells you exactly what fly pattern to use and where you to cast it. A massive amount of river is covered on a boat, so you will have a chance to catch the biggest fish, along with many more in between.

The Madison and Yellowstone Rivers are two fantastic places to do float trips.

Both cross through magnificent, yet different landscapes and have amazing views along the way. The Madison River crosses through green valleys with spectacular views of the Madison Mountain Range, while the Yellowstone River offers a more open landscape, with massive rock faces on either side. Both have fantastic trout fishing that can make for one of the best fishing days you will ever have.

Get out there and fish!

Big Sky offers access to many different ways to enjoy fly fishing; it is up to you exactly which way you choose. To get you started, below are a few of our favorite local fly fishing shops that offer guides and assistance with fly selection, picking the appropriate attire for this outdoor activity, and of course fishing reports!
See you on the river!

-Brooks Tyrrell
Summer Sales Assistant

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