Big Sky Summer Adventures Not to Miss

Big Sky Summer Adventures Not to Miss

With a longer ski season than most resorts in the country, winter is often what draws people to beautiful SW Montana. While the snow may initially bring people to Big Sky, we truly believe that it is the summer season that keeps people returning. With potentially 2+ more months of snow, the dreams of summer begin to stir and with so much to do in this beautiful area, we want to share a few reasons why a summer trip to Big Sky is always a good idea.

Reasons to Make Your Way to Big Sky for a Summer Visit

Music in the Mountains

Every Thursday, from mid-June to early September, the Big Sky community comes together to celebrate the arts and enjoy an evening under the stars with live music from across the globe. Weekly music in the mountains is a complimentary family-friendly event and a great opportunity to experience one of the many reasons why Big Sky is so amazing: it’s a strong, active, and passionate community. The Arts Council of Big Sky has spent countless hours curating a magical musical experience summer over summer, with each season better than the last. The Arts Council of Big Sky strives to create and bolster an art-centric community through events, cultural outreach, educational initiatives, and public displays of art. The Arts Council is crucial to the further development of this area and is just one of the many non-profit organizations that make our mountain town tick.

Summer Camps

Everyone was a kid once and we guarantee everyone has at least one very vivid and keen memory from their time at a summer camp. Summer camps of Big Sky focus on why we all make it to this area; the intrigue, beauty, and curiosity of the ecosystem surrounding us.

America’s First National Park

Yellowstone National Park is not only America’s first National Park, it also may be one of the most unique. Geothermal features, canyons that go on for days, and an abundance of wildlife. It truly is something special. Winter and summer adventures are unique, so if you’ve seen this ecosystem in just one season, we encourage you to book that trip and get out there to see it again either snow-covered or in the sunshine of summer.

The Beauty of Mountain Wildflowers

June through late July is when this town comes alive with all the colors of summer. This is evident throughout SW Montana but for those wishing to further explore this beauty, an adventure onto the trails will surely delight with the abundance of wildflowers that you will discover.

Artisan Farmer’s Markets

Join the Big Sky community every Wednesday, June through September at the Wednesday night farmer’s market. Big Sky Farmer’s Markets include fresh produce, local Montana artisan booths, a range of food truck options, and sweets along the way. There are often kid-friendly activities, from art projects and bouncy houses to educational advocates from Yellowstone National Park. This is a great time to get outside and support local vendors of the SW Montana community.

Big Sky PBR

For the fifth consecutive year, the Big Sky PBR was voted the best PBR event in the Nation. This event and many more, speak to the ever-growing adventures here in Big Sky. The growth of summer in this area has created something for everyone to enjoy.

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