The Power of Partnership Big Sky Awarded Tiger Grant

The Power of Partnership Big Sky Awarded Tiger Grant

Gallatin County & Big Sky Awarded $10+ Million Dollar Federal Tiger Grant.

Big Sky awarded Tiger Grant! Note from the Executive Summary: In September 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced the opportunity for state and local stakeholders to apply for $500 million in discretionary grant funding through the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) program. The 2017 TIGER program stated that special consideration would be given to projects emphasizing improved access to reliable, safe, and affordable transportation for communities in rural areas, such as projects that improve infrastructure condition, address public health and safety, promote regional connectivity, or facilitate economic growth or competitiveness.

After years of preparation and months of planning to submit a proposal, Gallatin County, on behalf of Big Sky, was recently awarded the Federal TIGER grant. The TIGER Grant is a $10.3 million Federal Grant awarded to communities in need of transportation solutions to provide further economic growth. After transportation studies performed, strong support from a range of community partnerships and a real need for funds to support our ever-growing community and thus the growth in transportation needs (both vehicle and pedestrian) the County applied for the grant in October of 2017.

Funds from the TIGER Grant will allow the Big Sky Community to better streamline transportation services and provide a safer and stronger system overall. These funds will bring us the following over the next couple of years:

New Turn Lanes

Installation of seven (7) new turn lanes at key Big Sky intersection areas to minimize congestion and enhance the safety of our roads – $5,954,145.00
  • Left-turn lane at the Powder Light Subdivision – Ace Hardware – East
  • Left-turn lane at the Powder Light Subdivision – Ace Hardware – West
  • Left-turn lane at Market Place – Meadow Village
  • Left-turn lane at Huntley Drive –
  • Left-turn lane at Big Pine Drive –
  • Left-turn lane at Andesite Road – Just below Lone Mountain Ranch entrance
  • Left-turn lane at Big Sky Resort Road – Main Entrance to Big Sky Resort

Enhancement of Safety Conditions

Improvements to enhance road safety conditions – $547,700.00
  • Wildlife signage + pullouts
  • Warning curve ahead signage
  • Elimination of the unauthorized shoulder parking by Big Sky Conoco

Pedestrian + Non-Motorized Facilities

Expansion of pedestrian and non-motorized user facilities – $1,302,950.00
  • Grade-separated pedestrian crossing tunnel at MT 64 and Little Coyote Road
  • Extension of trail and addition of pedestrian crossing in order to access the Big Sky Community Park and connect this trail to the existing multi-modal trail system

Expansion of Transit Alternatives

Expansion and enhancement of transit alternatives on the U.S. 191 Corridor – $2,487,205.00
  • Purchase of four motor coaches for use by Skyline
  • Purchase of six vans for use by Skyline’s van-pool program
More to come on this subject as soon as the next steps are released.

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