A Big Sky Experience Camping

A Big Sky Experience Camping

Camping Around Big Sky

The biggest draw to Big Sky for most people is nature. There are endless ways to envelop oneself in nature through fishing, hiking, biking, and rafting. However, there is no better way to be fully engulfed in the beautiful Montana wilderness than camping. The opportunity for adventure and unique experiences is just around the corner from Big Sky!

Where to Camp

There are camping areas and spots in almost every direction out of Big Sky. All of them allow one to enjoy different landscapes, views, and experiences.

Taylor Fork

The Taylor Fork area is one of the most popular camping locations because of how close it is to Big Sky and how far into the wilderness it feels. The road into Taylor Fork is about a twenty-minute ride south on Highway 191, the road opens into a magnificent canyon with ridges on both sides and a winding river through the middle, all of which ends at the base of the epic Taylor Hilgard mountain range. There are free camping spots along the road, some right on the river and some up on the ridges that make the canyon. The sunrise is spectacular and extremely special in the Taylor Fork, as it shines right through the canyon onto the Taylor Hilgards. This place is so exceptional because you can immerse yourself deeply into the wilderness and still make it back for breakfast.

Cliff and Wade Lakes

Another great area to camp is Cliff Lake and Wade Lake. This area contains two crystal clear alpine lakes that almost seem tropical, surrounded by beautiful old-growth forests. Traveling down Highway 191, and then riding along the beautiful Madison River, the drive to this beautiful camping area takes about an hour and a half from Big Sky. There are parking areas at both lakes that are very accessible and easy to camp in, yet still provide the opportunity for amazing views under the stars. There are also a few campsites that you can carry your equipment to and spend the night right on the lake’s shore. And if you’re even more adventurous, bring or rent a canoe or kayak and spend an evening under the stars at one of the few boat campsites located across the water at Cliff Lake. On a hot day, the swimming is fantastic and refreshing as you can dive through water that feels like the Caribbean. The fishing is also spectacular as the Montana State record for brown trout was caught in Wade Lake. These lakes are an escape from the Montana climate you get used to into something you couldn’t even imagine was laying away, hiding in the mountains.

Storm Castle

Lastly, the Storm Castle Peak area in the Gallatin Gateway offers convenient camping right off the road from Big Sky to Bozeman. The Storm Castle pull-off is only about twenty minutes from Big Sky, and is an extremely long off-road that has great free camping spots all along the way. There are an abundance of hiking trails to lakes all around the peak that make this camping location even better if you have some time to explore. This area is especially unique because it is very close to the Storm Castle Peak trailhead, which is one of the best and most traveled hikes around Big Sky. The peak allows you to see all the neighboring mountain ranges and is one of the most beautiful views you can achieve. When you wake up, go enjoy one of Montana’s best breakfast places at The Inn for some coffee, pancakes, and bacon. Storm Castle is another enamoring area to indulge yourself in a mountainous experience.
So pack up your car, get your tent and camp songs, and go camping.
-Brooks Tyrrell

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